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Bankruptcy provides relief to individuals and businesses facing serious financial trouble while protecting creditors to the extent possible. The process generally assesses the debtor’s assets and liabilities and provides a structure within which the debtor is allowed to keep property and satisfy as many eligible debts as possible according to an order or priority established by law. Bankruptcy no longer carries a stigma as it once did, and is an option available to individuals and businesses. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge to help debtor clients get out from under formidable debt and to help creditor clients collect what is rightfully theirs.

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Business Law

Business disputes can be costly and complex to litigate. At Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, we try to explore settlements and end costly lawsuits whenever it is reasonably possible.

And, from the launch of a business to addressing tax issues and family inheritance and business sale issues, there is a range of services that our law firm can offer, including:

  • Incorporating a business
  • Establishing a business practice model
  • Handling collections
  • Helping businesses work with localities or governments
  • Drafting and reviewing business contracts
  • Succession planning
  • Partnership planning or dissolution
  • Mediating disputes among partners
  • Addressing issues of business liability

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Contract Law

Contracts between individuals, between businesses and individuals, and between businesses may be complex and may include obligations that are not clearly defined. The lawyers at Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, have experience in developing clear contracts and in litigating breach of contract claims on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Creditors' Rights

Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, helps financial providers comply with federal and state banking laws and regulations, and in preparing commercial and consumer loan documents and agreements. The firm’s lawyers are experienced in negotiating and documenting secured loans, and engaging in commercial and consumer collection and foreclosure activities.

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Domestic Law

Divorce (dissolution of marriage) is rarely easy and almost always painful. If a client determines that divorce is necessary, it is important to obtain an experienced attorney. The process will divide the couple’s assets and debts, determine the future care and custody of any children of the marriage.  The issues will involve children, marital property, personal property, real estate, a business, large or concealed debts, trusts, real property in other states, joint and separate accounts,, investments, insurance, pensions and other assets. In any divorce, an experienced family law attorney can offer valuable guidance and advocacy.

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Estate Planning

By undertaking astute estate planning, clients can ensure a smooth transfer of property at death as well as seeing to a variety of other personal matters that may or may not involve tax planning. The process usually involves the counsel of professionals, including a trusted lawyer, who are familiar with the client’s goals and concerns, and his or her assets and how they are owned and used, as well as the structure of the family and the client’s goals. There are many tools available to minimize tax repercussions, if that is a goal, and to see to the administration of the estate and the distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Lawyers at Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, have solid experience in estate planning and management.

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Not all differences can be resolved through a simple conversation. When it’s necessary to resort to a more forceful means of persuasion, Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, provides clients with a top-notch litigation team that offers solid representation in the local, state and federal court systems.  We handle business and commercial litigation cases for both individuals and businesses, and have handled lawsuits involving such issues as:

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Nonprofit Law

The lawyers at Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, serve as general counsel for charities and other not-for-profit organizations and also have served on the boards of many such organizations. We know how to establish and maintain not-for-profit organizations – both charitable and business-related – and the issues these organizations face. With our experience, we can help you establish a charitable organization, a foundation, church or support group and can help you steer through the federal tax laws that govern such not-for-profit organizations.

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Personal Injury

Our law office represents persons injured due to car accidents, on the job injuries (worker's compensation), slip and fall cases and other occurrences causing person injury to you or your family or damage to your property.

In Missouri you may be entitled to some recovery, even if you are partially at fault. Experienced counsel will be of assistance to help an injured person through a very difficult time involving medical bills and loss of income.

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Railroad, Trucking and Transportation Law

Lawyers at Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, represent individuals, localities such as communities or counties, and corporate clients such as railroads, trucking firms, airlines and others involved in transporting passengers or goods. Attorneys provide litigation defense and appellate representation in such cases as rail line rights of way, accident, cargo loss, toxic tort, and other issues involved in rail, trucking and transportation law.

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Real Estate Law

Our law office works with clients needing assistance with residential or commercial real estate transactions in the greater Kansas City area. We work with both buyers and sellers on real estate transactions, including the purchase or sale of either residential or commercial properties. We can assist with drafting and reviewing the purchase agreements and other real estate contracts. We also have worked with business owners on foreclosures and settlements, as well as with property owners on issues that may come up with their property, including property line disputes,, lien or title issues.

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Social Security Disability

If you are disabled, you may be entitled to Social Security benefits before the age of retirement. If your disability has kept you from working  you may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income. For disabled clients who were denied benefits that should have been granted because of a physical or mental impairment, we advocate for your best interests.

To learn if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits or to find an advocate for you if you qualify and have been denied benefits, contact Collins, Fowler, Harlan, LLC, by calling 816.300.4001 or click here.